Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, there is! We offer a 20% sibling discount for our Play Groups and a 30% sibling discount for our Date Nights.

Does my child need any prior art experience to participate?

Not at all! Sweet Arts warmly welcomes children of all skill levels to experience the freedom and fun of creativity. Here we believe there is no "right way" to create art, there is only a "fun way."

What is Sweet Arts?

Hello and welcome! Sweet Arts is a children's art studio where we offer drop in art lessons, play group (in our indoor play area), after school art program, date nights, birthday parties, seasonal art camps, and evening adult lessons. We utilize multiple mediums ranging from watercolor, to tempera and acrylic paints, to inks, airy dry clay, and much more! Our art instructors are constantly working hard to develop more lessons to keep things new and exciting for our students.

At what age can my child be dropped off?

Ages 4 and up may be dropped off (must be able to use the restroom without assistance). Ages 3 and under must have at least one adult present at all times (but that only means twice the fun!).

What will my child accomplish during a drop-in?

That all depends on you and your child's preference. Quality artwork takes time. If you'd prefer your child to create a more finished-looking final product, we recommend sticking to one art activity per lesson or even one art project over a couple of visits depending on the scale and detail of it. However, if you are more interested in your child's overall experience, some children prefer fast paced activities and have a blast creating several small creations.